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What Sets Us Apart

  • One of our main strengths lies in our knowledge of, and direct professional expertise in, vocational rehabilitation systems and our ability to assist disabled job seekers to return to suitable paid employment.
  • We are able to provide recommendations and guidance to Lawyers in cases where there is some consideration of payment for residential vocational assessment/rehabilitation to meet a Claimant's vocational preparation needs and where we find it is not uncommon for parties to the claim to have little knowledge of local, national or international facilities.
  • We do not compile reports on a ‘production line' or 'cut and paste' basis.
  • We always seek to arrange sensitive interviews with a Claimant face-to-face in their own homes. We are often successful in providing cogent reasons why the Court would best be served by granting us permission to interview a particular Claimant. If absolutely necessary, we will work solely from documentation provided.
  • We find that Courts will often grant permission for our involvement in producing personal injury reports based upon our high reputation for focused bespoke reports and impartiality.
  • We are frequently recommended by Counsel as a direct consequence of the quality of our work at both the preparation and report compilation stages, and in our giving evidence at Court.
  • We have a deservedly high reputation for our robust, reliable, independent, and impartial reports as evidenced by the fact that we have repeatedly assisted most of the major insurance companies and leading firms of Solicitors handling very high level claims.
  • We firmly believe that ‘the devil is in the detail', ensuring that our researched opinions can withstand the closest scrutiny and are firmly anchored in the ‘real world' as shown at the notable cases of:
  • Flaviis - v - Banjax - (Brazil - VR)
  • Lacey - v - Simmons
  • Laycock - v - Java Oil (Gibraltar)
  • Moss - v - Conservation Corporation Africa (Namibia)
  • Lodge - v - Peake
  • Cortes - v - CK Transport (Gibraltar)
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