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Terms and Conditions

  • work is charged at an hourly rate of £95.00.
  • Each individual report will vary in cost dependent on the complexity of each case
  • We produce concise research reports to lawyer clients in those cases where permission has not been granted for a formal expert report for use at Court.
Attendance at Court
  Full day £650.00  
  Half day Pro-rata  
  Cancellation Any period up to 48 hours before Court
Less than 48 hours notice


  • Travel costs will be undertaken at the most economical rates
  • Mileage - AA recommended
  • Trains - Second Class travel
  • Air Travel - Economy
Settlement of Accounts

Settlements of accounts are due within 30 days of an invoice being received, except for any deferred payment which has been agreed in advance.

Fees outstanding more than 90 days may be subject to interest charges at base rate for the period outstanding beyond the 90 days.

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